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Highlights of the season hat

September arrives and with it the rut, a prelude to the big game general season and really special moment for those who love nature and shared.

 Never fails to impress this time of year, when the mountain is filled with roars of a shy and quiet animal that changes its character and becomes arrogant and noisy.It is therefore a good time to see what we can expect from the next season of camps.

Back left last season, is full of sets in the numerous raids and lumber camps that were held across our geography. Loaded hunting times, sometimes of intense emotion and, sometimes, in some frustration at the launch that we could not solve.Who has not felt such intense emotion when the bark has led to the closeness of our post mount breaking a cow as a 'goods' or the hunter has worked on trying to 'distinguish' a noise to let him track down the boar is 'fox'!
Now, after the break, it's time to think about the new hat season is already knocking at the door. Ahead of the curve is always a dangerous thing, it seems that one goes looking into the crystal ball trying to guess the future. But in this hunting there are certain factors that indicate how the campaign can come in general, not be guessed, without risk to cause false hopes, because in nature, its processes and make us becomings possible variables that can be expected, except catastrophes.

Terms, then, a pretty good winter for our expectations, since the previous spring was nothing wrong and gave us the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of cattle.But this year we expect even better, as we have had, at least in much of the Iberian Peninsula, a long spring, rainy and mild temperatures. In addition, it has rained at the time, which has allowed the grass to grow strongly and gain altitude at the time that the deer went shaping the new antlers, and this helps a lot to the development of hunting. So, expect a very fertile season, both in quantity and quality. To this we must add that, like the previous one was pretty good, it is likely that it can be extraordinary, with many great prizes.

There is one exception to the rains in spring, Galicia, where the opposite has happened. Curiously, this area is one that receives more water annually, has passed its driest spring in the last sixty years. Although in relation to deer, no big deal, since there are few and highly localized populations.

On deer and pigs

This month we will begin now with the rut, and that we can test whether the prediction that I propose is correct. Now we have time to quietly observe the field and we can see more easily what lies ahead for the season hat. So admire the deer with all his might and splendor paddling after getting harem and to perpetuate the gene. For me it is one of the best times of year, because nature seems to be reborn right in the moment is numbed by the next winter. Only have to wait until mid-month start to rain and the temperature drops a bit so that the display in full rut, because if a drop falls and over hot, it becomes shy and almost silent.

Regarding the boar is also expected that the season will bring us good opportunities. The field situation is optimal for the development of the herds and over time can allow up to two filthy pushing forward without much problem. There is no shortage of food, but then we should wait and see what gives us the time of the acorn, the fruit essential in the diet of big game animals and especially in the pigs. The mast was abundant last, allowing the pig face the winter, which was not very raw, with enough fat, on the other hand, the spring has been able to improve their physical condition because there was enough food in the field.

Now, after the heat of summer, the weather begins to cool and gives a break to all the fauna, waiting for the rains arrive promptly to avoid having to do, if feral-long journeys in search of water needed and of the mud bath to mitigate the effects of those pesky insects.

Good forecasting and beaten monterías

A good exercise is expected mess, as we have seen enough of the field and last season because of the crisis, not all the camps were provided. Therefore, having a lower pressure and a suitable weather, we think the season is rich in examples and, in addition to quantity, there will be a higher quality. Also, it is very important in that special moment when the animal gives birth, the field is presented in excellent condition, since this way the young are to develop speed and strength, which is essential for the future because they are strong and resilient animals, with great potential to address all risks of life in nature.
The fans can be hopeful to what comes to us, a good season so much for the lumber camps to hunt down half of the peninsula, with a good number of hunters and Rehal, as for the half up, where sought more contact with the raid gathered four friends or neighbors of the town and a few dogs. Both lumber camps and provide emotional and launch raids that we hope will be fruitful.

September VENATORIA options

During September we will continue to hunt the deer in some of our autonomy. The males, with the drop in temperatures to show their faces again and to offer opportunities to get a good trophy. Also, during this month, raids usually start boar and deer in other areas of the peninsula, but if it is a question of fame, it's time to hunt rutting in search of a great 'turkey' to ease the needs of any trophy or hunt after a good specimen for stalking, either because it is second to none in the area, or because we feel it is a good time for selective hunting, eliminating some of the examples we want to to improve or preserve the property that run. Do not forget that maintaining a healthy, stable and healthy, selective hunting is necessary, and for this we must see, count and study in detail what is, what quality is, what number and what their health status. One who rejects the selective hunting is that it knows the ways of handling cattle populations today, when the predators, almost disappeared, not regulate naturally. I know that there is much talk today that artificially bring much food to the field, but we will at another time.

Final notes

At the time of this writing, do not know yet how it will develop in late summer, if the heat will continue tightening or, conversely, will relax a little. This also will determine when they find the first raids, because if it's hot, it prevents the proper working of the dogs, this type VENATORIA lackluster. However, if the rains have arrived, providing an excellent rutting, and temperatures have dropped, we can expect a great start to the season hat.

Just one last thing: hunter, cautious, please be very careful, because if we are guided by it and not by the desire to hunt, avoid greater evils. Hunting accidents are a blight on our scene and many of these are caused by not being cautious about the shooting. There are things that are logical and we should all respect as if it were a religion: look before you shoot, no shoot the tarameo without first securely identified the piece, the appearances do not shoot, do not pull in line with another hunter or to zero in the course of a hunt, and so on.
These tips and some more are needed for everyone, but not enough to just know them, but we should also be aware of what we do with our weapons at all times.

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