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The deer rut is a matter of

 Sent quickly and well, I proceed in accordance with the request that I made my companions Desveda radio show, which airs every Saturday in Onda Vasca. And of course, I can not deny though, perhaps, type matters more than one is not going to like it. I lose track. Patricia, the agenda of Saturday 9/11/17 DESVEDA sent me write about rutting deer, even though I, by reminiscences antañonas de Castilla, continue calling it roars. Is the same. We are talking about the zeal of the deer, no more.
The rutting

The rutting season does not start consistently with the first rains in September. No way. The rut begins when the deer are ready to ovulate. That is, when the deer are nourished enough to start a pregnancy that lasts eight months. In their biological clock, the deer has it all calculated to be physically fit pregnant and give birth as nature can provide everything you need so that their young (rarely stop two) did not miss anything. So if the rut is late, organic, managers, presidents of preserves, etc.. etc. tend to be very concerned, because if delivery is delayed, the heat can hurt June to August, it all depends on when you start bellowing, which, often, usually in early September or later in the same month depending on the Iberian Peninsula area or ... the origin of the deer. The open farm (vacant lots or pens) can contribute to the bellowing through artificial feeding, but always have the weather as an uncontrollable variable. Of the deer semiestabulados stabled or do not want to write. But if any, Hayles. Know that where no rut, there is no natural selection. And with that, not to say that not abated after a tailor-made deer antler with a phenomenal. But that is another matter.

Serve this articulillo to insist once again that if the NATIONAL BOARD APPROVAL OF TROPHIES be devoted to more than measure the antlers, horns, tusks, skulls and other animal substitutes listed, we would have great information that would far beyond knowing who "catch" the bug with larger appendages. In this case, deer. So with that said little and could be harnessed to read lots more. So much for seeing the coated paper, accused, politicians and other people very major lead the ranking of antlers, horns and more. And of course, that our trade is still Phoenician and Ladino, animals respond with such outrage design.
Even when the deer are well nourished and ready to ovulate, she will do all this while do not miss the heat of summer itself. Perhaps the first four drops of rain in September, let alone why I do not know. But it is. Many of the deer, except for Doñana ... say that animals from other latitudes are colder and never quite get used to our lares. Why not start until you leave the rut of making heat, again, again.

In July, the males are already in top form, as to reach their highest level of testosterone, their antlers will suffer changes as a result of the lack of blood. It then began ESCODA. Which is nothing, that the constant rubbing their antlers until they lose that characteristic velvet lining that the so-called "DELETE". Desmogadas antlers that just are like a dirty white and then become dark brown.

When the deer feels that the females will begin to ovulate, is located in a clearing of forest. Of course I mark out with urine and scent glands located in the eyes tear.It also tends to slather the mud which makes urinating on the ground and kick it.Moreover, once anointed, rubbed on Pedregon and bushes.

When you have defined the field will begin to call the deer with their bellows to the other males who will come to measure their strength with him in the bellows, if not dismayed these to serve. If anyone dares to enter his land marked and well-defined, noninvasive measure their strength in battle. Sure, the shock is brutal, but only suffering inherent in the effort to measure their strength and little else. In the end, the stronger the deer to mount the deer fence you came to the "virtual" previously marked. That is why the importance of good management to not succumb to the "trofeitis" and leave the bush without strong and healthy individuals can transmit the hinds to their strength.

Once pregnant doe, dedicated hard to eat all sorts of wild fruits and even mushrooms. Food offered fall and when winter comes, will have accumulated enough energy to protect what is inside.
In my humble opinion, the bellowing is a truly beautiful affair. But this capital city to take almost make mamporreros, I consider it an atrocity and a total lack of respect for nature. As the deer human hint in such circumstances tends to get nervous and run away, which gets rid this kind of riding before I described briefly.In those moments, nature should not be altered under any circumstances, let alone with those "bystanders" who are often the most goofy of the city.

I have heard and read that sometimes they get stuck both sides by default in the antlers of one of them or both. Are very few times that happens. Are also very few times, which by default horns, are hurt by measuring forces.

I understand that rut hunt deer is to remove the natural process of competing and then assembling the best equipped in order to convey the strength and vigor race.But others do not understand this.

Another day I will write about desmogue, which is the fall of the antlers that takes place there on March.

You may have missed something obvious or unknown to me, I usually above normal hyperlink so that the reader can be a composition of place.

For example, I have not said what really surprised the student or observer sensible and respectful, will be the newborn fawn, who just sucks to be kidded her aching tits and satisfied mother. The fawn, in their innate self-preservation, will change from physics as a layered approach in order to pass unnoticed to carry out total body mimicry.

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